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For personal work.

Identity is constructed through the stories we tell ourselves.


This work is called narrative identity. Narrative identity is a person's internalized and evolving life story, integrating the reconstructed past and imagined. New experiences and people in our lives change our stories. Sometimes events happen that disrupt our stories, forcing us to reevaluate who we are.


My job is to help you untangle your past so you can understand your present and claim your future. I call this work O.Y.A.

Own. Your. Autobiography.

Please note: At this time, I work exclusively with anyone who identifies as a woman as well as couples.



"Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with Shelby has been learning to give myself credit for putting in the work. Half of my anxiety came from my negative self talk, which inevitably resulted in heightened sensitivity when I received criticism. Through my narrative identity work I have learned to give myself credit, even if I’m being criticized. I have this new confidence and humbleness of knowing, yes, I have more work to do, but what I’ve done already is pretty impressive too."

"My three daughters and I have talked about our issues, but we don't fully acknowledge how this affects us because we feel like there is something wrong with us. Shelby has taught us how to reframe our narratives into stories that empower us, rather than diminish us."

"Shelby helped me break down my identity and see what stories were true, and which ones were made up. The tools, exercises and care she puts into each session have been life-changing."

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