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Harmonizing people’s relationship with themselves & the natural world through storytelling.

Hi, I'm Shelby.

I believe stories have the power to transform the world at both the micro and macro-level. That’s why I help individuals and companies understand, shape, and tell their stories through various mediums. 

And my approach is unique. 

I have a Master's degree in Psychology and Education from Columbia University where I studied the psychology of storytelling in relation to understanding the self, others, and the world around us. While there, I applied and was selected for "Psychology at the United Nations", a course where I worked on projects alongside UN representatives targeted at achieving many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Topics included: mental health and the environment, food waste mitigation, and ending violence against women and girls.


I also have 10 years of experience as a storyteller across companies and industries.

Today, the world demands us to rethink what is possible, envision new solutions, and present narratives that will galvanize action as it relates to the self, humanity, and the world as a whole. 

So, what story are you telling?

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